Best NYC Date Spots 2019: Based on Data from 50,000+ Likes and Passes

Coming up with great date ideas is hard. You’re not sure what to search for and many results you see are not suitable for your tastes. Luckily many people have used the Trapeze app (iOS, Android) to solve this.

Below are the 10 best NYC date spots according to Trapeze users. If you want to see more personalized results, make sure to download the app.

#1 Kick Axe Throwing
Gowanus, Brooklyn

Credits: Kick Axe

A dash of danger really sexes up any date. I know this because I’ve watched the shaving scene from Skyfall. Hot!

I once saw a patron hit a bullseye, pull out the axe, and shave their mustache with it. All the other axe throwers stared intently, probably because they were all super turned on. She was kicked out afterwards because it was “unhygienic”, so make sure to do it when security isn’t watching.

After you’ve seduced your date with your ability to handle sharp flying objects, your date will probably want to engage in some late night extracurricular activities. Whether that’s full on BDSM or you just want to choke each other a little, axe throwing is the perfect activity to lead up to that.

#2 Museum of Illusions
West Village, Manhattan

Credits: Youtube

Recent studies from the Scientific Institute of Women’s Preferences on Dating show that most women want their date’s gentleman sausage to be 9.2 inches long. Now if you are a guy like me who doesn’t want to disappoint his date, I know what you’re thinking: “Gosh, my clam hammer isn’t even close to 9.2 inches, will I really need to get penis reduction surgery?”

Fear not, because now you can just take her to the Museum of Illusions instead.

#3 Comedy Cellar
Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Credits: TimeOut

Of course it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see Louis C.K. perform here, but maybe you’ll see some other prolific masturbator.

#4 Yum Ice Cream & Bubble Tea
New Rochelle, New York

Credits: Yelp

Rolled ice cream was invented as a street food in Thailand in 2009, and was picked up in the United States as recently as 2015. I visited Thailand recently and was surprisingly delighted by how good rolled ice cream tasted. Contrarily, I was surprisingly disappointed by the prostitute I picked up. She turned out to be an actual girl.

#5 The Press Lounge
Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Credits: The Press Lounge

This rooftop lounge resonates a romantic and  intimate vibe throughout. The main room is dimly lit with soft music playing, and the lounge offers complimentary blankets for the couches to keep you warm and cozy. In a sense, this place is very similar to my apartment, located beneath the organ in the basement furnace room of a crematory in Newark NJ.

#6 Sylvia’s Restaurant
Harlem, Manhattan

Credits: Complex

I find this image taken by Complex extremely racist and highly offensive. I don’t stand for it. What age are we living in where we can still stereotype black men like Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson eating fried chicken.

#7 Aire Ancient Baths
TriBeCa, Manhattan

Credits: Aire Ancient Baths

Whenever I walk around the male only fully nude rooms at this bath house, I’m always so embarrassed that my penis is bigger than everyone else’s. Although, in all fairness, I did have an erection.

#8 The Django
TriBeCa, Manhattan

Credits: The Django

An Englishman, Frenchman, and Irishman walk into a bar with their dates. They all sit down and order a cup of tea. The Englishman looks to his date and says “could you pass the honey, honey?” The Scottish man thinks to himself how clever that was, then turns to his date and says “could you pass the sugar, sugar?” The Irish man – not wanting to be outwitted by the other two men – looks over at his date and says “Could you pass me the milk ye fucking cow?”

#9 Prince Street Pizza
Nolita, Manhattan

Credits: Eater NY

This pizzeria is famous for its Spicy Spring Square Pepperoni Slice. Square pizzas baked in large rectangular trays and sold by weight originated in Rome and is called Pizza al trancio. I took a Thai girl on a date here and later found out that she was “al trancio”.

#10 The High Line
Chelsea, Manhattan

Credits: New York Times

The success and popularity of The High Line has many NYC officials calling it “a symbol and catalyst for gentrifying neighborhoods”. A recognition well deserved, as it brought together the affluent white demographic in Chelsea with the affluent white demographic in the West Village.

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